Dear followers & all the beautiful people i met on tumblr,


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2 types of Bangtan’s mood..because there are no in-betweens.. ㅋㅋㅋ

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bangtanjjang hat auf deine Bilderserie geantwortet“what’s up with the selca shit these days lately lmao, got tagged…”
Oh hey there cutie~ ♥♥
what’s up beautiful  ♥ 
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exactly what I would like Bangtan to do

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accurate representation of bts

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Hello lovelies~ (´∇ノ`*)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m very happy to say that I’m finally able to post my 3rd follow forever in order to celebrate the next thousand followers I’ve reached a while ago. My last one also included non-Bangtan blogs but this time I’m just going to stay purely Bangtan. I noticed that I rambled a lot in my 2nd follow forever that’s why I’m trying to make this one as short as possible. Thank you guys so much for following me, reblogging from me and sending me nice messages. It honestly means a lot to me ‘cause these things actually make me feel like that people acknowledge my blog and my existence lol. I hope I’ll continue to have a great time on tumblr with you guys. To the people listed below: Thanks for brightening up my dash and making my tumblr experience so much more enjoyable. You guys are awesome~

Don’t hesitate to hit my ask box anytime if you have something to get off your chest or just wanna let out your feels. I’ll always be there if you need someone to talk to.

Alright, now to the actual follow forever:

  • bold - adorable creatures I consider as my FRIENDS <3 (there’S No TUrNinG BaCK gUYZ /laughs hysterically/)
  • italicised - koala tea blogs *u*
 special people (pls hover over [x] for corny message heuheu) 

jungcookie [x] / jungkks [x] / nojimin [x] / sugadonuts [x] / vrotic [x] / vhyung [x] / vtaemins [x]

 other awesome blogs/bloggers I follow  

alientaeayezimin / babotanbaetan / bangtan-juseyobangtangarang / bangtanhoney / bangtella / bangts / btseok / bwiyomi / dumbtans / eatjungkookie / hoebi / j-helpless / jimiinjung-koook / jungkookaholic / jungkoook / jungoreo / jungucci / kimnamswag / min-sugas / mingloss / minsugoipark-zimin / parkslutmin / qtjiminnieshoulder-hyung / kimtaehyng / sxxxga / taernado / taerrection / taeshithyung / vdiot / veautae / vsuck / yooongis / wealthyhousewife

A big thank you goes to the wonderful Hanim (park-zimin) who made this lovely header for me.   You did a fantastic job! If I had photoshop I would most probably have made a very similiar banner c: And in case you guys didn’t know, I’m freaking maknae line biased FTW (Kookie will always be my #1 tho ^3^)

I apologize in advance if I did forget to mention anyone ;; Please do check out my blogroll for all the amazing blogs I follow.

Thanks again and I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!~ /throws hearts/ image

it’s true, lately we fight so much over little things. but end the end we always find a way to get along again. hahaha we’re actually a married couple ok and our conversations are A+, love you potatoe girl ♥ 

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so.. I wouldn’t do this Follow Forever, but as today is my birthday i decided to make one. :3 

*bold is for my favorite blogs

gangtan, hseokie, hoseokjung, hoseokun, houseok , hoyeu , hugtae , jeonqook, j-helpless, jiminjuice, jimintv , jitokki,  j-kookie, junglekook, jungkks, jungkookaholic, jungkoook, junghopeu, jose-ok

*I wish I could just hug you all! thank you all for the support and especially by make my experience here so amazing. i love you guys ♥*

thank you so much! ♥ 

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Superb comforting skills there Jimin

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Q: if you were an animal, what noise would you make?

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minsugoi hat auf deine Bilderserie geantwortet“what’s up with the selca shit these days lately lmao, got tagged…
omg lil cutie <3
jan my beauty :*
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Jimin’s confession @ simsimtapa trans 

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